Citizen-i is a platform for citizen-led research and innovation. We believe cities need citizens. Our focus is on people, their lives and their stories. We work with people as storytellers, researchers, analysts and changemakers. Our approach goes beyond engagement at distance, beyond the homogeneous ‘community’, beyond the cost benefit analysis to seek out the human value. We are big fans of innovation with impact, and we work with innovators in expressing that impact in different and dynamic ways. Our evaluation gets the numbers, and quite likes them. But it really loves the magic of words. Our communications support understands what you want to say and even more importantly how it will be heard. Our strategy planning envisages the future, and puts you in it. We are hugely inspired by the potential for innovation to realise sustainable solutions for social needs. We are driven and inspired by how people connect, both with each other and with places and spaces. We are ever-fascinated by the constant dialogue between people and buildings, public spaces, green spaces, streets, squares, civic buildings and street furniture. We are very interested in the smart city agenda. We think a really smart city engages its citizens as resources in solving its own problems, and that the smartest city  of all will be the one with the people left in it. We love to talk. Tell us your story. email: